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A Mini Lesson on Metaphor and Simile | Suite101

Feb 20, 2009 . For example, "the wind is a song" is a metaphor, while "the wind is like a song" is the more usual and most-often used simile (comparison using .

Metaphor and Simile - Creative Writing

The metaphor, and its close friend the simile, are commonly used figures of speech. . For example, “the beach is like a cream-colored scarf. . By using effective and unusual metaphors, writers can intensify as well as stretch their images and .

Examples of Simile Poems

Visit this free resource for extracts and examples of Simile Poems and poetry. . Poets use this type of device as an unusual alternative to every day speech to .


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Examples of unique similes

Tempered like steel. As thick as tree trunks. His mother's cookies taste like lumps of sand. Her fingers are like birds fluttering over the piano keys. "Life is like an .

Did You Know?: A list of Similes - Common English Similes

Dec 9, 2006 . There are many examples of similes that are used in our everyday conversation however, the list of Similes below are examples of just a few, .

Worked example Simile models

In addition, three models are saved in the “Examples” subfolder of the Simile . one is engineered to have a unique combination of values between 1 and 20, .

Artzicarol Ramblings: Similes and Metaphors That WORK

Dec 28, 2011 . Example of a simple comparison: Her hair was as golden as daffodils in . I often pause to breathe in a creative and unique simile or metaphor.

Similes - Study Skills

The comparison made in a simile is often unusual. . In this example, slept like a log is the simile, and like is the word used to signal that a comparison is being .


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  • Education World: Snowy Similes

    For example, students might have heard expressions such as; The boy is as quiet . If you teach older students, challenge them to come up with unique similes .

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  • Similes List

    List of AS...AS Similes. This is a list of well known AS.

  • Creative Writing and Description | Suite101

    Apr 29, 2008 . Use Unusual Similes. A simile is a . Use Unusual Metaphors. A metaphor . Below is an example of some sentences before and after cutting.

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Pupils should always be encouraged to use (or develop) interesting similes. The following similes provide unusual examples: ? like treading water in a pair of .

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    1. Alliteration, assonance, emotive language, colloquial, slang, jargon ...

      . more words (and ideas) together. You will usually find examples of alliteration in poetry. . Ain't these doo whoppers unusual? Aren't these things unusual? 4.

      Handy Handouts® Understanding Metaphors… - Super Duper ...

      interesting by making unusual comparisons. . example, a person uses literal language by saying, “Her news was difficult to accept. . A simile uses the .

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